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Hatha yoga is the most widely practiced form of yoga. It is the branch of yoga which concentrates onphysical health and mental well-being. Hatha yoga uses bodily postures (asanas), breathing techniques(pranayama), and meditation (dyana) with the goal of bringing about a sound, healthy body and a clear, peacefulmind.


C’est une pratique méditative : le pratiquant va apprendre à suivre les étapes d’intériorisation propre à la méditation.

La détente profonde à laquelle on accède permet non seulement d’avoir une meilleure qualité de sommeil, c’est pourquoi ce Yoga est aussi appelé “Yoga du sommeil”. Il influe d’une manière plus globale sur tous les niveaux de la personnalité, physique, énergétique, émotionnel, mental et psychique.


In ashtanga Mysore Style students learn to remember the Ashtanga sequence and practice in silence. With the breath guiding us, we go deeper inwards. We can practise anytime, everywhere. Through physical practice and the transformation that follows, the mind becomes more at peace. The sequence we practice and repeat regularly becomes the barometer of where we are and how we are evolving every day, we can realise that we are changing with every moment and breath.

I want to teach every student according to his own capacity through specific adjustments and some variations in the sequence to slowly help him to build his own sequence that suits his condition.


Aligned Flow combines the heat building flowing-with-the-breath Vinyasa style with therapeutic Iyengar inspired alignment cues and the use of props. This class focuses on balancing strength with flexibility to promote overall resilience, health, and balance. Classes include asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation.

rasa MAMAN + bébé

Un moment pour les mamans mais aussi pour les bébés ! Durant le cours, pendant qu'elles reprennent peu à peu leur corps en main (postures de yoga, exercices de renforcement du périnée, renforcement musculaire en douceur et relaxation), les bébés dorment, babillent entre eux ou observent avec attention la pratique en cours. Au bout de quelques séances, ils peuvent même se mettre au yoga !

rasa VINYASA YOGA Vinyasa yoga, also known as Hatha Flow, is a popular evolving form of traditional Hatha Yoga integrating breath and movement for a transformative and balancing effect. Classes focus on mind-body awareness and alignment, creating strength and flexibility and linking your practice with your daily life. Explore this creative, dynamic dance of postures, or asanas, connected through your breath.


Ashtanga Yoga, based on the teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois from Mysore, India, employs an energizing series of postures linked by the breath, improving circulation and creating a deep internal heat that cleanses and purifies muscles and organs. Through this vigorous and strengthening practice, awaken your core energies and watch the mind flow toward a natural state of meditation.


Iyengar yoga focuses on the precise alignment of the muscles, bones and joints. Moving slowly through the asanas (postures), this practice pays close attention to their more subtle aspects, using props to support and assist students when needed. Iyengar yoga increases your flexibility, stamina, and strength, awakening the innate intelligence inherent in the body.


A positive and powerful practice that uses mantra, chanting, postures and breath to connect you with your true identity. Its power lies in the actual experience. It goes right into your heart so that you may have a wider horizon of grace and come to understand your existence in relationship to the universe.

rasa YOGA PRENATAL sur reservation

Classes for the mother-to-be offer gentle yoga postures and breath work to cultivate health and calm for both mother and child. This class is designed to meet the needs of pregnancy and new beginnings of motherhood. Come strengthen and relax your body, ease your mind and connect with your baby in a safe and supportive environment. Feel inspired and nourished in a community of women sharing the experience of pregnancy and birth.




Dinah Rodriguez a créé, il y a 18 ans, «Hormon Yoga» afin d'aider les femmes face aux problèmes et symptômes liés au déséquilibre hormonal et à la ménopause. Une alternative naturelle à la thérapie hormonale de remplacement qui, selon des recherches effectuées en Allemagne en 2002, sont dangereuses pour la santé.


rasa LEVEL 1 This class focuses on building a solid foundation of poses and breath work, and creating flexibility and balance in body and mind. A class for those who have never done yoga before and for more experienced students who want to explore the roots and get back to basics. No yoga experience [or flexibility] required!

rasa LEVEL 1/2 This class is a moderately-paced bridge between basic and more intermediate poses, building core strength and flexibility. Focus on alignment, breath, and inner intention while challenging your body. Suitable for all students, especially those looking to deepen the roots of their yoga practice.

rasa LEVEL 2 A more challenging class for those with an ongoing yoga practice. Explore more intermediate poses, fully integrating both inner and outer alignment. Some advanced variations will be introduced. This class is suitable for intermediate and advanced students.

rasa LEVEL 3 An advanced flow practice for students with a confident long-time practice. Play into challenging postural variations and deepen your understanding of the breath-body connection.

rasa LEVEL tn tn tous niveaux: classes open to all levels.